SECTION COMMUNITIES: One of our goals on Sunday mornings is to provide a way for people to make better connections with one another. With this is mind, we have divided our sanctuary into section communities. Each section has a leader and their goal is to greet you and introduce you to others within your section. They’re also available to answer any questions you might have about our church. You’ll notice them wearing a name tag. Please feel free to introduce yourself to them. Below is a breakdown of the sections at each service with the names of the leaders.



1st Service

Section Leaders:

Section 1: Kitty & Larry Russo

Section 2: Richard & Vicki Laffin

2nd Service

Section Leaders:

Section 1: Lisa Duran, Terri Mann and Becca & Jon Pierce

Section 2: Art & Janet Keough and Danny & Megan Strickland

Section 3: Stephanie Gibson, Amy & Debbie Holtrust and Michael Landa

Section 4: Bria & Mike Laffin and Kimberley Wiedefeld


SECTION PARTIES: At various times during the month section leaders host gatherings right after service. These gatherings typically last about 30 to 45 minutes and include finger food and drinks. Kids are also welcome to participate. Each gathering is designed to help you meet others and learn a little more about North Hills. The parties are posted in the bulletin, look for your section’s next party.